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House of Samarreiros is a manor house with over 100 years of existence, that was completely  degraded and abandoned, that in February 2009 Arte Vital decided to buy and restore for holiday home. It is an imposing house with a lot of history behind it, both in terms of its previous owners, as well as the meticulous detail of the finishes. Located in Serra da Estrela, where the stone houses are typical, this house follows the same rule, a massive structure in granite, that we decided to put in view in some divisions within the house, to highlight its charm.

Inside there are seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, an office, a gaming saloon and a reading room, this all adding to the the huge area of terrain and attachments in granite stone existent behind the house.

Regarding to the restore, our goal was to keep a relation between the history and the future, that is, keep some existing features in the house, such as its external appearance, interior woods and fresh paintings of XX century, but on the other side we would like to bring “our” history to the house, leaving our imprint without losing the identity of this true antiquity masterpiece.


  • Manor house with over 100 years of existence
  • First owner was a priest who had 21 children
  • Home on the side was part of the garden of this house and it was for the 21 children of the priest
  • Massive structure of the house is made of granite stone
  • Renovation was made based on the history of the house
  • Land with an area of more than 800 m2
  • History of the house and its renovation were passed to book by a writer of the village



Location: Vila Verde, Seia.
Surface Area: 431,46 m2 de construction


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Project Description

Location:Vila Verde, Seia.
Surface Area:431,46 m2 de construction